That was the 1st meal made by Papa Żóą. Rooted deeply in the tradition of Lisbon cuisine and the imagination of the cook. Unique connection of the taste, portugese stories and our hungry-looking eyes.

[the receipe for the dessert, which we ate after, comes soon]

 Feijoada do Żóą

Ingrediens: 2 onions, 4 medium potatos, half cabbage, 3/4 garlics, 1 small can of sweet corn, 1 small can of red beans, 1 big can of white beans, 1 big can of white beans, olive oil, dijon mustard seeds, salt, 2 red chilli

How to do it? Fry the onion and garlic. When the onions and the garlic is golden, add the boiled ingredients (potato, cabbage, carrots), let it cook for about 20 minutes in small/medium fire with no water. Mix it from time to time. When good mixed, add the beans and the corn these time with the beans water, but not the corn and let it cook for more 10-15 minutes. Taste it and Correct the ingredients, if necessary… (you can add more dijon seeds or more chilli or more salt, as you wish).. bonne appetit!