Indian Creation by Fussit. Inspiration comes from the book of Indian Kryshna people :).

Ingredients: 200 g white flour, 25 g corn flour, 1 TS(table spoon) black cumin (czarnuszka), 1 ts (tea spoon) cayenne pepper, 2 ts coriander powder, 2 ts indian cumin, 1 1/2 ts tumeric, 1/2 ts asafeida, 1/2 ts backing powder, 2 ts salt, 250 ml cold water, some plant oil to fry, around 650 g prepared veggetables (here are used 400g broussel sprouts, 100g green beans, some button mushrooms, however you can use also different veggies like: aubergine, zuccini, potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, capsicum)

Preparation: Before starting I steamed broussel spouts and green beans.

Put the flour to the bowl. Put all spices, sal and backing powder (if you will miss one of these spices, don’t worry, however the unusual taaste of it comes from them, if you don’t like very spicy food, use half of cayenne pepper, coriander and cumin). Pour slowly the cold water and mash it, that the dough will be like for pancakes, but thick enough to stick to the veggetables. Each veggetable fry sepparately. I took 3 bowls, share the dough between them, put veggetables separately to them and mix them with the dough. Then fry them on the hot oil (that the pakoras can flow a little in there). Fry at the same time only one kind of vegetables. Drain it from oil on the sieve.

Serve with rice.

Salad: green salad, 2 tomatoes, some paprica, black olives, olive oil, 2 TS of juice from fresh lemon , balsamico, herbs of provance, dill, fried pumpkin seeds and seasam seeds (put it on the dry hot pan). Mix it.