Pimentos rechados com muesli

Papa Żóą used to say about women: you shouldn’t follow them. Women are like birds. If you will lay some seeds on the ground, they will come to you by themself.  That was today indeed – a very good temptation.

 Ingredients: 1 onion, 5 red peppers, 3 cups of muesli, half bottle of mustard, olive oil, tomato sauce

Description: Start Frying the sliced onion in the olive oil until it gets golden. Add the mustard. Let it fry a bit more, then add the muesli with boiling water (enough to cover it). Mix it. Let it boil for about 30-40 minutes, adding water (enough to not burn the bottom) – until the muesli is really well cooked. Add the tomato sauce and let it cook a little more. Turn on the oven at  200 degrees. Cut the top of the red peppers and take out the seeds. When the muesli in done, fill the red peppers out with the filling. Put intp the oven for extra 30 minutes and it’s done.