Papa Żóą loves to speak more than to eat. Nevertheless, this time he defended his meal using a stong argument. Fejoada is traditionally served meal in Portugal, usually served with rice and meat inside. Here’s the vegetarian version.


Fejoada:  2 canned white beans, 2 onions, 0.5 kg carrots, 5 garlics, 2 fresh chilis, olive oil, herbs of provence, salt

Cus-cus: 200-250 g package of cus-cus, herbs of provence, olive oil, balsamic vinager, salt, water

Preparation: Fry slived onions in olive oil with garlic and chili’s until they turn golden.  Boil the sliced carrots separately for about 20 minutes. Add carrots to the fried stuff with some water of the carrots, but not all. Let it boil on low/medium fire. Add water from time to time and let it boil more. After about 20 minutes add beans with the juice from the can and let it boil until it gets creamy.

Cus-cus: put the cus-cus in a bowl and cover, add boiling water and cover it for 10 minutes, after then blend it with olive oil, vinegar and the herbs.

At the end of the day Papa Żóą show us also another inspirations…