This bean based gulasz (stew) is a speciality prepared by Fussit’s mum, once she only goes home. In this version a little more spicy with a marinated leeks on site (inspiration from the recently found salad cook book), easy and sophisticated way to make your meal more suitable to the spring weather.

Gulasz Bożenki

Ingredients: 200 g dry white navy beans, 8-10 button mushrooms, 2 big white onions, 5-6 cloves of garlic, vegetarian stock, 4 table spoons of tomatoe paste, 3 tea spoons black cumin, 1 table spoon mayoranne, 2 tea spoon herbes of provance, 2,5 tea spoon cayenne pepper (very spicy), soy sauce, 1 table spoon dried chieves , olive oil

Preparation: Soak the white bean in water (the best leave it for a night). Cook them with salt. Cook soy chops on the hot water according to the description on the package (8 minutes in the pot with lid on it).

Cut onion in the rings, garlic and mushrooms in the sticks, cut the soy chops in the long sticks.  Heat the olive oil and fry on it the soy chops adding two drops of soy sauce on the bigger pieces. Once they gold/brown, take it off. On the heated olive oil put the black cumin, leave for 20 sec than add cut onion and garlic. Fry until its gold, add mushrooms, put 1/4 glass of water and put the lid on the pan. Let it steam on the small fire for 5 minutes, then another 3 minutes without the lid until the water is gone. Add tomatoe paste, mix it, than put the beans and soy chops. Mix it and (if needed with the small amount of water) leave it for another 10 minutes, adding spices. Once the consistence is stewy – it’s ready for serving.

Marinated leeks

1 leek, 1 hard pear, 4-5 TS olive oil, 3-4 TS apple vinegar, salt, pepper, 1 TS modena balsamico

Cut leek in the nice sticks about 10 cm each one, put it on the boiling salt water and leave it for 8 minutes covered by lid. Afterwards take it of and put it immediately under the cold water. Put it to the dish. Cut the pear in similar stick. Put it into the dish too. On the pan put the liquid ingredients and cook for a minute with salt and pepper. Then pour it on the leeks & pear. Put to the fridge to marinate for a 1 hour.

On site:

2 carrots and 1 apple chopped in the stics, fried in olive oil with 1 TS of sugar and 1 ts of cinnamon.