Fussit has a German flatmate and that’s a true German recipe with traditional roots from Middle Germany, which is being put here with a true pleasure. That is a very refreshing and fulfilling idea for a warm spring days! Although in comparition to a typical German Potato Salad, this one is without cream!


1 ½ kg potatoes, 2 onions, oil, wine vinegar, vegetable consommé, salt, pepper, mustard, sugar, cucumbers, tomatoes, chives

The essentials are:

  1. 1 ½ kg potatoes (if possible waxy ones): cook with skin, peel and slice when still hot;
  2. 2 onions: slice and braise lightly,
  3. pour to this roughly the same amounts of oil and wine vinegar as well as a bit more vegetable consommé and simmer for some minutes.
  4. add – how you wish – spices (at least salt and pepper), mustard, honey or sugar for the vegan version

Note: There are no exact measurements given because in the end of the day it is only important that the potatoes are completely soaked when you mix everything together and that all ingredients are still hot at that point of time.
Stir throughoutly and leave for at least an hour, later add – how you wish – cucumber, tomatoes …  stir again, leave for another two hours, put chives on top and enjoy!