5  great cooks

4 different languages

1 work place

30 minutes lunch break

Łódź. In the middle of Poland.

That’s our enjoyment of eating together.  Everyday somebody else cooks for everybody. Vegan. We like indian, spanish, portugese, arabic, polish, italian and other interesting cuisines. We love desserts, but during the lunch time we are just… hungry. What did we cook and how? Search for recepies here.


Name: Nothing naughty.

One grandma from our team was writing to her friend about the new job & new experiences, and she needed some short description for these couple of girls and an old boy, who cooks for each other here every day. Oh don’t make up anything naughty, please. Ok ladies & gentelmen. Nothing naughty here.


Vegan: … but why?

Simple. There is some silly Fussit, who is vegan (doesn’t eat animal products) and is lucky to meet very tolerant and open-minded people around here! Papa  Żóą appareantly is also vegetarian and Candle& Grammy confirmed, that it is all very tasty, grand and brilliant food. Moreover you don’t feel sleepy after that! Good before the further intensive work.



Monday – Granny

Tuesday – Papa Żóą

Wednesday – Fussit

Thursday – Marzipan

Friday – Candle