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Fussit has a German flatmate and that’s a true German recipe with traditional roots from Middle Germany, which is being put here with a true pleasure. That is a very refreshing and fulfilling idea for a warm spring days! Although in comparition to a typical German Potato Salad, this one is without cream!


1 ½ kg potatoes, 2 onions, oil, wine vinegar, vegetable consommé, salt, pepper, mustard, sugar, cucumbers, tomatoes, chives

The essentials are:

  1. 1 ½ kg potatoes (if possible waxy ones): cook with skin, peel and slice when still hot;
  2. 2 onions: slice and braise lightly,
  3. pour to this roughly the same amounts of oil and wine vinegar as well as a bit more vegetable consommé and simmer for some minutes.
  4. add – how you wish – spices (at least salt and pepper), mustard, honey or sugar for the vegan version

Note: There are no exact measurements given because in the end of the day it is only important that the potatoes are completely soaked when you mix everything together and that all ingredients are still hot at that point of time.
Stir throughoutly and leave for at least an hour, later add – how you wish – cucumber, tomatoes …  stir again, leave for another two hours, put chives on top and enjoy!


This dinner was big. Very big. Pasta, lentils, cheak peas, and rice and soy chops… AND salad! Impressing! Nevertheless Granny didn’t complain about the time spending in the kitchen. We bet, the food was as good as she enjoyed the cooking process! The star of this serving is definitelly the spinach pasta with Granny’s creation!

[5,5  servings]

Green Race Pasta

Ingredient: a handful of spinach pasta (about 200 g), 4 garlic cloves, 3 onions, 1 glass of chickpeas (soaked over night and pre-cooked with chana masala), 1 glass of lentils (soaked overnight and pre-cooked with chana masala), nice pinch of provence herbs, a pinch of chilli pepper, salt, black pepper, a pinch of chana masala, 1 tin of tomatoes, 3 fresh tomatoes

Preparation: Fry garlic 30 sec (on butter on non-vegan or olive oil on vegan way), add onions, fry it together until onions are golden. Add tinned tomatoes, chopped fresh ones, chickpeas, lentils plus herbs, season at will. Cook pasta beforehand and add as a last on your pan. Mix everything together, fry for a little longer. Decorate with black olives. Best the next day!


Ricy Rice

Rice cooked in vege stock and fresh squished garlic, fried and mixed with fresh parley plus prov herbs and a tiny bit of mustard seed and black cumin. Fried

 Salad dressing

olive oil, lemon juice, chili powder, basil and herbs de provence 

Soy chops

2,5 bag of dry soy chops cooked in vege stock and fried in spices (channa masala, chilli powder, salt, pepper, sweet chilli) and prove herbs coating (flour, egg, bread crumbles plus seasoning). We had egg and non-egg versions.




Our debutant Marzipan did very well. This meal disappeared very fast and it’s very easy to prepare!

Ingredients (5 servings): pasta (400g), one package of frozen spinach (400g), green peas (200g), 2 garlic cloves, 1-2 teespoons of ginger, chili powder, salt, olive oil

Description: heat the spinach in a pot, add spices, add peas after a few minutes (you can add a bit of water if it seems dry). After a couple more minutes, when the pasta is ready pour some olive oil on it and then mix it with the spinach.