Juwenalia is a traditional students’ party organised in Poland by each university in all biggest cities. Concerts, lots of drunk and celebrating students, great weather and good music.

Juwenalia at Uni of Łódź, brought to Poland Fussit’s German friend Steffi, who – thinking in vegan way – prepared a great “Scotch” Irish Coffee. Morover Tina add to that quickly some veggies for a grill. Great warming up drink, delicious veggies and… what’s the best – brilliant party!

“Scotch” Irish Coffee

  • 40ml (2 parts) Irish whiskey (here scotch)
  • 80ml (4 parts) hot good quality coffee
  • 30ml (1½ parts) fresh cream or vegan soy cream (vegan version)
  • 1tsp brown sugar
Prepare the strong coffee with sugar. Pour it into the glasses and mix with the whiskey in the given proporions. Sponge the cream and pour it delicately using the spoon (spoon little above he black part and pour the cream on the spoon, thats the cream is sinking slowly on the coffee and whisky, doing a nice white shift). Ready!
Enjoy hot! Then it’s even more warming :)

What to grill for vegans?

Zucchini and tomatoes. Obvious? Rather genious in its simplicity.

In alumin foil was put between the glowing coals later on.