Apple (yiest) cake with crambles. Another cooking day for Fussit. This lunch is different because it’s just a cake! Very fulfilling and made in a traditional Polish way, which she knows from her mum as a Placek Drożdżowy z jabłkami. Thist time vegan. And what’s the best in it – apart of letting it grows, you really don’t need to work with it long!


3 ¾ big glass of wheat flour (white flour makes the cake more tender),  ½ same size of powder sugar, 1 tbs cinnamon, 1 Tbs tumeric, 8-10 ginstant yeast, 2 same size glasses of vegetable milk (soy or coconut), 2 spoons of soy flour (or one cooked potato), 1 Tbs of a cream aroma (to buy as a small bottles with oily substance), 2/3 glass of rosines or other dried fruits (here’s also dried papaya). 3 big apples.

Crumble: ½ glass of flour, ½ glass of powder sugar, ½ tbs cinnamon, 1 Tbs vegan margarine (or oil).


  1. Mix in the bowl flours, powder sugar, cinnamon, tumeric.
  2. Warm milk leave with yeast, aroma and dried fruits. Leave until grow.
  3. Add the mixture of milk and yeast to the dry ingredients. Mix by your hands 10 minutes long and leave into the warm place until its size won’t be doubled.
  4. Meanwhile cut the apples into small peaces.
  5. Mixed it by hand with apples roughly for another couple of minutes. Put to the backing tin (fat it before with oil and some crumble, that the dough won’t stick, or backing paper). Wait until the dough won’t be double-size.
  6. You can put some more apple pieces if left. And crumble (mix by hand the crumble ingredients until its not a small piece of a cake. Than sprinkle the pieces of it on the top of the cake).
  7. Put it to the backoven, bake it in the middle-heated oven for around 40-50 minutes (it should be grown with golden crusp on it.
  8. Eat it warm (hot might cause some stomach problems ;) ). You might also put some powder sugar on the top of it.

[possible to prepare with different kind of fruits, if you’re using juicy fruits like cherries or strawberries, put them into the flour and then to the cake in order to not let them stick to the bottom of the cake].

Thanks to Marcin for the home-grown flower!